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Comments and Suggestions

Your comments, questions, and suggestions on what's here -- and what's not but should be -- are welcome.

Particularly valuable are resources that contain information the experiences of individuals at Union Station, particularly before 1950. Three areas of special interest are:

  • The experiences and reactions of people while traveling through Union Station. This material could come from diaries, letters and postcards, newspapers, or other sources.
  • Descriptions of train operations. These could be internal Washington Terminal Company documents, such as details of train operations for one day or during a special event, accounts in professional journals, or other sources.
  • First- or second-hand accounts of working conditions. These could come from people who helped build the station or from those who helped run it, from managers to the men on the line. Histories of individual employees are welcome -- how and when did they start at the station? How did their careers develop?

If you know of this type of material or have additional ideas, please send an email to