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About This Site

This site is based on my dissertation, which examines the place of Union Station in modern Washington, D.C.

The bulk of this account is in the history section, which will contain 11 chapters describing 100 years at Union Station. When new chapters are ready, that news will be announced on the home page and through an upcoming mailing list.

There are also a growing series of photos in the images section, presented through slide shows based on themes such as construction or early years. In that area are also maps of Washington and diagrams of the station.

The material on this site would not have been possible without the help of many people, most of whose organizations are listed in the links section. The research depended on those at the Hagley Library, the Art Institute of Chicago, the Washingtoniana Division of the District of Columbia Public Library, the Library of Congress, and many other sites. The participants in the Yahoo discussion groups on the Baltimore & Ohio and the Pennsylvania Railroads contribute to provide valuable information.

Please share your comments and suggestions.

Bill Wright